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Shark Squishmallow

Shark Squishmallow

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Despite being released in 2019 there are still many hardcore fans who would love to add shark squishmallow to their collections. The squishmallow has a beautiful yet simple design as he is covered in grey and white with three noticeable fins sticking out. He is a major upgrade to your traditional pillow as shark is filled with tenderness to the core as well as softness throughout the design.

Some features about the Gordon squishmallow that you need to know:

Shark squishmallow Gordon has one of the most underrated designs in the squishmallow collection. He is not all that fancy and dapper as he has a much more mature and simpler look. Kids especially boys like to have him in their collection because he can protect the clan. Moreover, he is also one of the friendliest squishmallow that your kid can hang out with.

The overall design is pretty simple which is quite rare in squishmallow articles. This simple design comprising of three fins one on the head and two on each side stands out as a unique one. The innocence depicted in the shark squishmallow's face further complements the choice of this design and enhances it greatly.

The shark squishmallow is simply the perfect plush toy that can exist! You can pack him in a small backpack and he fits like a hand in a glove. As it is a lightweight toy your kid can pretty much survey the whole apartment with his new cuddle buddy all day. These sorts of characteristics provide your kid with lots of newer ways to play with his new plush toy and it all accounts for a time well spent in your home.

Being designed with a marshmallow-like texture requires the use of a fabric material that is durable, long-lasting, and super soft as well. Polyester is the perfect material that checks all of these boxes accurately.

Now your kid will feel the softness oozing out from the toy and the fluffy polyester material of this squishmallow will ensure that your kid remains busy cuddling with the toy for the whole day.

Gordon squishmallow is an easy-to-hold toy because it belongs to the plush toy category. The plush toys are filled with softness as a result of which they are super easy to hold and super easy to play with. When a toy like squishmallow shark is easy to handle for a kid it instantly becomes a favorite one.

This softness in the design of the Gordon the shark squishmallow is the reason why kids gel in well with the toy and they never say no to playing with shark squishmallow Gordon.

Apparently from his name, it seems that squishmallow Gordon is a super aggressive shark who wants to rip everything apart with his teeth. However, his personality is entirely the opposite of this! He is a super caring and loving squishmallow who loves to help others in tough times.

His charitable works are praised by his fellow squishmallows who encourage him to open his not-for-profit organization in the future. You can share these amazing humble personality traits of Gordon the shark squishmallow with your kid and hopefully, he will also learn a thing or two from his new cuddle buddy.