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Avocado Squishmallow

Avocado Squishmallow

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An avocado and a squishmallow teaming up together to form a toy seem like a silly idea at first. However, when you check out Austin the avocado squishmallow your opinion will completely change about this concept.

Austin is a part of the Fruit squad, but his hobbies are different than all of his fellow buddies in the squishmallow Fruit squad. What does Austin do in his free time? Does he like hanging out with kids and babies? Well, we will answer everything about him below.

Avocado Squishmallow

Some features about the Avocado squishmallow that you need to know:

Austin is a super cute green squishmallow covered in an avocado theme which gives him a unique design identity that is not seen in any other squishmallow out there. He is made from a combo of light and dark green colors wherein the lighter color is covered by the fluffy outer green blanket-like design. It shows that Austin has a thickly coated design that has lots of extra softness and fluffiness stuffed inside each layer.

Austin is basically a bundle of softness and fluffiness as he is stuffed with a soft material that ensures that softness oozes from the toy. His marshmallow-like design makes him super huggable and kids can be seen cuddling with the Avocado squishmallow when it is bedtime.

Moreover, using the polyester material has been a blessing for parents because plush toys that are made from polyester material are easily washable with a single wash. Moreover, as polyester is a hypoallergenic material, the Avocado squishmallow doesn't attract dust and other pollutants easily and hence your kid can play with the squishmallow avocado without catching any rashes or itches.

Moreover, another great aspect of polyester material is the fact that is lightweight and sturdy. It means that your kid can throw Austin the avocado squishmallow around as he plays with him freely and still this squishmallow will remain in tiptop condition. Secondly, the lightweight aspect of the Avocado squishmallow means that your kid can easily grab the plush toy and take him on a home tour whenever he plays with him.

The best thing about Austin is that he is super compact with a vibrant and glowing design that fits right into any toy shelf. His design is super modern, and you will see that your kid's friends will point him out from the toy shelf when they visit your kid's toy shelf the next time Austin is there.

Avocado squishmallow has such a fruity design with vibrant colors that this design immediately brings out a big smile on the face of kids and especially babies. Therefore, we consider Austin a perfect birthday present that will put a big smile on your kid's face when he unboxes the super cute Austin the avocado squishmallow.

Austin squishmallow is obsessed with space as it fascinates him when he thinks about space and aliens. Austin is dreaming to be on a space ride one day as it is his ultimate dream to visit space and meet Aliens that he believes exist somewhere in space.

He is so dreamy about space that he even thinks that he is on the moon or mars depending on his mood swings. Your kid will have a blast exploring space stuff when he teams up with his new plush toy who is not only intelligent but smart as well.